So I wanted to start blogging again, but about what? I’m not traveling as much as I was when I started The Passionate Traveler, I’m not doing as much photography as when I started Before 1923 (although that hopefully will change soon!), but I am reading. I’ve always been a reader. As a child I would tear through book after book as it allowed me to escape to another world where I could be whatever and whomever I wanted to be.

As an adult, I am finding that I want to create a way of recoding what I am thinking and feeling about the books I read. I want to be able to look back and see how these books have affected my thoughts. I also want to spark discussion with the book reading community. Let’s start a dialogue about the books we read, enjoy and ultimately make a part of our lives.

I, also as an adult, have been known to enjoy a glass of whiskey when I am relaxing. Books and whiskey, to me, seem to go together!