The Mistress: A Novel – Danielle Steel

The Mistress: A Novel Rating – 2.3 our of 5 Stars


A mistress of a fabulously rich Russian meets an artist. Jealousy, intrigue, and possibly freedom ensue.

Favorite Quote

“She was a many-faceted woman, both wise and naive, frightened and brave, and poignantly human.”

– The Mistress, pg 250.


Why I liked it

Steel does a good job of describing the mechanics of a relationship between a man who has everything and a woman who is dependent upon him. She show how all consuming that can be. At the same time she sets up the background characters to be full and interesting in their own right, letting us in to their worlds just as much as the main characters.

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Heart and Brain Gut Instincts by Nick Seluk

Heart and Brain: Gut Instincts: An Awkward Yeti Collection Rating – 5 out of 5 stars


Nick Seluk makes the thought and intuition of our brains and hearts come to life in this comic where all of the body has something to say

Favorite Quote

Brain –  “Could you try going ONE DAY without doing something weird?”

Heart – “Why would I waste a whole day?”

– Heart and Brain Gut Instincts, Pg. 104.


Why I liked it

Comics are a fantastic way to show the abstract and the comical. These comics are a hilarious and true view into how many of our hearts and brains interact in our daily lives. Honestly, Seluk does such a good job connecting what we feel is happening in our bodies with the comical nature of intuition vs thinking that I was laughing because I could relate.

This and all my posts may contain affiliate links!

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